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Safari Uganda

Most Popular Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda

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For unthinkably short gorilla safari packages from 1 day gorilla trip to 10 days and more.
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Uganda is the ultimate destination for gorilla tracking since it has a biggest number..
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Budget Uganda Safari Packages for 2013&2014

Mountaineering SafariMountain Hiking
Duration :4nights / 5 days
Destination Covered :Mountain Elgon,Mbale
Rating: From USD……… Per person
This safari will take you  to mountain Elgon in eastern ugamda that is normally used for mountain climbing and will give you achance of viewing the mountane forests found on the slopes of the  mountain, expect to see the beautiful Sipi falls and other mass wasting features like lake slide,mud flow features formed due to down movement of large masses of land at ahigh speed …..more information

Mountaineering TourMountain climbing and Hiking
Duration : 7nights / 8 days
Destination Covered : Rwenzori mountain
Rating: From USD ……… Per person
Rwenzori mountain is  the highest mountain insnow capped mountain in East Africa that is about 5109km feets next to Kilimanjalo in Kenya and Tanzania , going on this hiking expeditions, widens your knowledge on the great interesting features of Rwenzori mountain , the 7 day central circuit is amazing .The mountain has potal peaks and  glaciation features that were formed by the glacial erasion and glacial Deposition like corries…..more information

Water RaftingRafting safari
Duration : 9 nights / 10 days
Destination Covered : Murchison Falls, Kibale, Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi National Parks.
Rating: From USD …… Per person
Rafting is normally done at murchison falls national park and this tour will be taking you to murchison for whiter water ratfing and kibale for chimpanzee treeking and queen elizabeth national park for game drive and tree climbing lions and bwindi for gorillas ……more information

Game DriveGame Drive
Duration : 1 night / 2 days
Destination Covered : Murchison Falls National Parks.
Rating: From USD…… Per person
This safari will only cover murchison national park and is ashort tour aimed at entertaining those who seek to have short safaris and it will cove game drive in murchison national park in masindi that gives aclient to enjoy viewing of different animals like Elephants,girraffs,chimpanzee and birding plus ……more information

Game DriveNyungwe National park
Size :
Distance From Nearest Town :
Rating: From USD …… Per person
Nyungwe has a wide diversity of animal species, making it a priority for tourism conservation in Africa. The park inhabits 13 different primate species which is 25% of Africa’s total, over 300 bird species, 1068 plant species, 85 mammal species, 32 amphibian ...more information