14 Days Uganda Birding Safari

What a perfect combination to do birding and walk with the great apes of Africa (Mountain gorillas)This tour takes you  to some of the best African birding destinations exposing you to a couple of Albertine rift endemics bird spicies as well as go gorilla trekking.This will allow you have chance to counter your self with some of the rare birds like the Shoebill.dont miss to meet our experienced birding guides

Day 1 – Arrival Meet our professional African birding Safari guide. Transfer to the hotel in Kampala or Entebbbe for an overnight stay. Early arrivals may wish to go birding in the botanical gardens at Entebbe alternatively a visit to Mabamba swazmp would be worth while to sport the shoebill.

Day 2 – African Bird watching safari – Uganda to Semliki.
After an early breakfast, proceed to Semliki. Lunch on the way at the Rwenzori the gardens.in the evening. Depending on how we shall be feeling our African birding safari experts advice a night game drive in such for the nightjars and other nocturnal species.dinner and overnight at the hotel

Day 3-All-day birdwatching safari to Semliki National Park
With a parked lunch we shall proceed for a whole day birding in the Forest or Kirumira Trail. It is so interesting to look out for the western forest hornbills, Red-billed, Black- wattled, Black-billed and White-crested Hornbill, African Piculet, Zenkel Honey-guide, Red-rumped Tinkerbird, Rufous-sided Broadbill, and others. dinner and overnight as above

Day 4-All day bird watching tour in Semliki National Park
We again leave early for the Semliki National Park. Depending on the results of the previous day, a choice remains for the group to decide either to again bird the main road, Kirumira Trail or Sempaya Trail the bigest hotspring in uganda drive to Fortportal with an overnight at mountains of the moon.or raja hotel ,or similar hotel

Day 5-Birdwatching safari to Kibale National Park:
Start in the morning and head for Sebitoli birding site. This part of Kibale National Park has now been recommended as one of the best birding spots in this forest. Birding on the main road can be very satisfying. Specials in this park include Olive Long-tailed Cuckoo, African Black Duck, Joyful, Cabanis We stay at Margherita hotel in the foothills of Mountain Rwenzori in Kasese town.

Day 6-All-day bird watching tour in Rwenzori National Park – Uganda
After breakfast, with packed lunch, leave for Rwenzori National Park. Special birds of the day include purple breasted sunbird, Abyssinian, Red faced, Shelly’s and Dusky Crimson-wing, Red-bellied seed cracker, Woodhouse Antipecker, Grey Apalis, Ayres and Cassin’s Hawk-eagle and many others, Same accommodation.

Day 7-Birding to Bwindi the best African birding spot – Uganda
Depending on the season, with a packed lunch we may choose to go through the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park, where there are chances of encountering the Tree-climbing Lions at Ishasha sector. Depending on the time of arrival, we may enjoy birding on the self-guided Munyaga trail.

Day 8-All-day African bird watching safari in Bwindi – Uganda
We start after breakfast, and explore the Buhoma Forest section. Bbirding in this forest provides some of the best birdwatching in Uganda and the African continent as well, having been voted as Number One Hotspot in Africa by African Bird Club Members. It is home to over 23 highly localized Albertine Rift endemics. Special birds include Black-and-white , and many others

Day 9-All-day Gorilla Tracking safari in Bwindi – Buhoma, Uganda
This starts at the park’s headquarters are at Buhoma, and it is from here that we shall set out on our gorilla trek. A great deal will depend upon where the Mountain Gorillas are, as to how far one has to trek, but one should expect to be in the forest most of the day. You will be allowed an hour with the gorillas and it is sure to be a very rewarding experience.

Day 10-Bird watching to the Neck continuing to Ruhiija.
Key species include: Mountain Wagtail, Red-tailed and Shelley’s Greenbul, Cassin’s Flycatcher, Black Duck, Banded Prinia, Grey-throated Barbet, Common Buzzard, Tree Pipit, Chin-spot Batis, Black-billed Turaco, Fine-banded Woodpecker, Dwarf Honeyguide, Red-tailed Greenbul, and we should come across Bee-eaters and many others ,Stay at Ruhiija Hostel.
Day 11-All-day Birding safari to Mubwindi Swamp, Uganda.
After breakfast we head for a whole day birding to the Mubwindi Swamp. The 4km trail to Mubwindi Swamp drops from 2350m to 2050m and is the best place for some of the most difficult to find of all rift endemics including Grauer’s Broadbill the beautiful Regal Sunbird and Archer’s Robin-Chat. Mubwindi Swamp is home to Dwarf Honeyguide, Stripe-breasted Tit,and many others

Day 12-All- day birding tour in the Bamboo Section
Birding along the main road through the bamboo area for more chances of Albertine rift and Highland Endemics not leaving out the powerful singing but hard to see bradypterus warblers.

Day 13-Birding to Kampala
We shall have several stops on the way in order to stretch legs and look out for some interesting birds. Accommodation of Choice as at the start of the Albertine Rift Birding Safari on arrival.

Day 14-
End of our Albertine Rift African Birding Safari / Departure.

NO. PAX 1 2 p/p 3 p/p 4 p/p 5 p/p 6 p/p 7 p/p 8 p/p
BUDGET (usd) 4715 3290 3055 2760 2720 2580 2555 2490
MIDRANGE (usd) 5360 4000 3745 3470 3420 3290 3280 3200
LUXURY (usd) 6270 4520 4390 4020 3990 3860 3810 3720