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Kidepo National Park

Kidepo National Park is located in the distant far North Eastern Part of Uganda covering an area of 1,442 square kilometres (557 sq mi) with the Kidepo valley floor at  2749 m and stunning Mount Morungole in karamojo region. The Park spans both the border of Uganda and South Sudan including various vegetation terrain i.e Semi-desert scrub, open thorn-scrub, open thorn-bush, long and short-grass open tree savannas, riparian woodland including Borassus and Kigelia woodland, thick, miombo- like woodland, montane forest and granite out-crops as well as bird species i.e 475 species. The Park is prominently know to offer remarkable Wildlife Safari Adventures to all visitors due to the number of Wildlife animal species that can be seen around the Park. There are two rivers that traverse the Park i.e the Kidepo and Narus Rivers which provide water for the wildlife animals around the park.

Safari Activities to do in the Park

Game Drives

Game Drives are the most prominent Safari Activity carried out in the Park and involves visitors transferring within the Park along the various tracks watching numerous wildlife animals enjoy their Savannah vegetation habitat. The wildlife animals you watch include; Zebra, Giraffe, warthogs, buffalo, tree climbing lions, hunting dog, bat-eared fox, cheetah, striped hyena, caracal, and aardwolf. The Game Drives are carried out within the Narus Valley known to have numerous wildlife animals around the Park.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is another safari activity carried out in the Park for there are numerous species of Birds that inhabit the Savannah and forest vegetation terrain around the Park. These can be watched as birders traansfer from one point to another following the various trails and they include; the Abyssinian Roller, Purple Heron, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill and Clapperton’s Francolin, White-bellied Tit, Mouse-coloured Penduline Tit, Northern White-crowned and Yellow-billed Shrikes, Slate-coloured Boubou, Fan-tailed Raven, Superb Starling, Red billed Oxpecker, Eastern Violet backed, Pygmy and Beautiful Sunbirds, Rufous and Chestnut Sparrow, Yellow-spotted Petronia, White-headed and White-billed Buffalo Weavers, White-browed and Chestnut- crowned Sparrow Weavers, Grey-capped Social and Speckle-fronted Weavers, the Green-winged, Orange-winged and Red-winged Pytilias.

Hiking and Nature Walks

Hiking and Nature Walks at Kidepo National Park take place within the Lomej Mountains which can be reached in 4 hours beginning early in the morning at 7:00 am with a skilled ranger guide. Other short guided nature walks are also carried out and these take 2 hours through the Narus Valley as well as to the Apoka Tourism Center for 5 kilometers. Visitors can also transfer to the Kidepo River Valley situated between the banks of borassus palm forest and Namamkweny Valley.

Cultural Encounters 

Local community groups of cultural entertainment .who on request are available to perform traditional dances of ethnic groups such as the Emuya dance of the Napore and Nyangea , the Larakaraka and Apiti dances of the Acholi are there for you. Visitors can transfer to visit the unique IK local people Tribe who narrate to you their unique traditional Customs.