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15 Days Uganda Birding Safari

The 15 Days Uganda Birding Safari takes you Bird Watching Safari Tour around the various Safari Destinations in Uganda. This offers you sightings at the various species of birds that inhabit the green forest vegetation terrain in the destinations. On your 15 Days Uganda Birding Safari

Trip Overview – 15 Days Uganda Birding tour

The 15 Days Uganda Birding Safari Tour takes you to Lake Victoria, Mabamba Bay, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Maramagambo Forest, Semliki National Park, Kibale Forest National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and Budongo Forest.

Detailed Itinerary – 15 Days Uganda Birding tour

Day 1: Arrival and transfer to Lake Victoria 

You will be met by our African Safari Guide who will transfer you from Entebbe International Airport to your hotel either Resort Beach Hotel or Sheraton Hotel- Uganda.

There will be a detailed briefing about this African safari. Depending on the time of arrival, we may start our safari with bird watching around Lake Victoria shores. Dinner and Overnight at Kampala Serena Hotel, Sheraton Hotel Kampala, Cassi Lodge Buziga.

Day 2: Bird watching at Mabamba Bay

After transfer to Lake Mburo National Park and we visit Mabamba Village and its adjacent swamp taking us through African rural areas.

The road to Mabamba winds its way through areas of secondary forest and agricultural land attracting Red-headed Lovebird, African Crowned-Hornbills, and a range of sunbirds including the Green-headed, Green, Red-chested, Collared, Marico and Scarlet-chested, the African pied Wagtail is common along the road. Dinner and Overnight at Mihingo Lodge, Mburo Safari Lodge, Rwakobo Rock Lodge. 15 Days Uganda Birding Safari

Day 3: Transfer for Bird watching in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Bird Watching in UgandaWake up early have breakfast, then proceed for a morning boat cruise along Lake Mburo and this offers you views of numerous birds like the African Darter, White Backed Night Heron, African Finfoot, African Fish Eagle, Malachite, Pied and Giant Kingfishers. After your adventure, transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park one of Uganda’s vast National Parks and here you watch various species of Birds i.e 611 various species. Dinner and Overnight at Engiri Game Lodge, Tembo Safari Lodge, Mweya Safari Lodge.

Day 4: Early Morning Bird Watching Adventure in Queen Elizabeth National Park

This morning we start early for a bird safari and game drive towards the Kasenyi trail.

The drive takes us through a productive area of grassy plains, which support large flocks of a variety of stork species including the Spectacular Saddle-billed, African Open Billed and Woolly necked Storks.

Other species include the Bateleur, Grey Kestrel, Lappet-faced, Ruppell’s Griffon, White-backed and Palm-nut Vultures, African Crake, Black Coucal, Harlequin and Black-rumped Quails, Rufous-naped and Flappet Larks. Common mammals include African Buffalo, Uganda Kobs, Leopard etc. Engiri Game Lodge, Tembo Safari Lodge, Mweya Safari Lodge.

Day 5: Transfer for Bird Watching in Maramagambo Forest

Wake up early have breakfast then transfer to the Main Trail in Maramagambo Forest to watch the various bird species flying and these include; the Narina Trogon, Rufous Flycatcher Thrush, White tailed Ant-thrush, Black Bee-eater, Grey-headed Kingfisher and White-breasted Negrofinch. Late in the afternoon we will visit the spectacular Kyambura Gorge. After bird watching, transfer back to your lodge/ hotel for Dinner and Overnight. Engiri Game Lodge, Tembo Safari Lodge, Mweya Safari Lodge.

Day 6 & 7: Transfer for Bird watching and Wildlife safari to Semliki National Park

We shall go birding along the way and reach Semliki National Park late in the evening. We Check into Semliki Safari Lodge then at night fall, proceed into the green forest vegetation to search for the nightjars and owls. The next day we shall start after an early morning breakfast, carry packed lunch and head for a full day birding in the forest. 15 Days Uganda Birding Safari

Overnight at Atako Country Resort or Mountains of the Moon- Uganda. Dinner and Overnight at Semuliki Safari Lodge, Muramia Motel, Hotel Vanilla.

Day 8 & 9: Bird Watching and Wildlife Safari in Kibale Forest National Park

Wake up have breakfast then transfer to enjoy bird watching along the main road / trails in the Forest and the Bird Species you watch include; the African Emerald Cuckoo, Purple-headed Starling, Black-billed Turaco, Yellow-billed Barbet, Grey-throated Barbet, Blue-throated Roller, Narrow-tailed Starling, Western Black-headed Oriole, Yellow-throated and Yellow-rumped Tinkerbirds. After watching the Birds, transfer in the Afternoon to the Bihingamy Wetland trail to watch other bird species i.e the stunning Green-breasted Pitta, Fire-crested Alethe, Scaly-breasted Illadopsis, colourful butterflies. Primate Lodge Kibale, Chimpanzee View Guesthouse, Ndali Lodge.

Day 10 & 11: Transfer for Bird Watching and Wildlife Safari in Murchison Falls National Park

Wake up have breakfast then transfer to Murchison Falls National Park where you view various Bird species flying around their natural forest vegetation. The Birds you view in the Park include; Gray crowned crane(Uganda’s National bird), Giant Kingfisher, Giant Heron, Shoebill stork, Abyssinian Ground Hornbills, Nightjars, Marabou stork, Black headed lapwing, Back-bellied Bustard, blue napped mouse birds, silver birds, weavers. Dinner and Overnight at Pakuba Safari Lodge, Paraa Safari Lodge, Murchison River Lodge.

Day 12 & 13: Bird watching and Wildlife Safari in Budongo Forest

Wake up have breakfast then transfer to Budongo Forest to the escarpment facing Lake Albert and here, you siew numerous species of Birds like the Skulking Alethes and Illadopses sing from the undergrowth and we will work through mixed-species flocks of Greenbuls, Eremomelas, certainly first rate forest birding. 15 Days Uganda Birding Safari

Day 14: Travel to Kampala / Entebbe

Today, we may choose to wind up our wildlife and African birding safari in Entebbe botanical gardens or visit Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. Overnight stay in Entebbe – Uganda.

Day 15: End of tour Bird Watching and African Wildlife Safari / Departure.

End of 15 Days Uganda Birding Safari