Is Gorilla Trekking in Uganda Safe

Is It Safe to Visit Gorillas in Uganda 2022 (Bwindi Gorilla Safari Uganda)

Is It Safe to Visit Gorillas in Uganda 2022, Uganda is very safe for Gorilla Treks at Bwindi Forest National Park & Mgahinga National Park. Is It Safe to Visit Gorillas in Uganda 2022, gorilla trekking is a fully escorted adventure with rangers on all sides making sure you are protected.

Is Gorilla trekking in Uganda Safe?

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda is safe at Both Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park both located in the South Western Part of Uganda. Gorillas often feed on vegetation and insects hence not dangerous to humans or any other animals. Therefore all interested in trekking and watching the Mountain Gorillas should not worry about being eaten by humans. Is It Safe to Visit Gorillas in Uganda 2022Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park are secure as the parks are protected by the military who are armed to keep the travelers/tourists very safe as they track the majestic Mountain Gorillas. People in Uganda are friendly, kind and very welcoming hence your safety in Uganda is guaranteed. While trekking the Gorillas, border patrols are calmly done by the Uganda Peoples Defense forces to ensure that no rebels (from close by countries) hide in the thick green forest vegetation.

Safety Tips to Consider Before Gorilla Trekking

  1. Book with an authentic Tour Operator Agency

As you plan to book your Gorilla Trekking Tour, ensure to contact an authentic Tour operator agency and this must be registered as well as should belong to the authorized Tour Operator Associations.
  1. Reserve A Good hotel

Ensure to book a Good Hotel with comfortable clean rooms with ideal security measures. The Hotels/ Accommodation can be booked and reserved for you by the Tour Operator Agency for you don’t want to wake up only to find your room broken into and your valuables taken.
  1. Follow the Gorilla Trekking Rules

Mountain Gorillas are very calm and peaceful unless threatened hence to enjoy Gorilla Trekking, follow the Gorilla Trekking Rules i.e keep a distance of about 7 meters even when approached. Always stick with your group under the leadership of the park Rangers and Guides. Do not look at the Mountain Gorillas directly in the eyes so as not to be a threat. Speak in low tones and remain calm even when a gorilla charges at you. Simply lay low and act submissive. Do not surround the gorilla group while in their midst. Allow them space to move around. As tempting as it is, do not touch a baby gorilla.
  1. Dress Appropriately for Gorilla Trekking

As you are planning to go Gorilla Trekking, you need to dress appropriately to trek the Gorillas in the thick forest vegetation habitat. Wear these to enjoy every bit of the Gorilla Trekking Adventure i.e Pack sturdy hiking boots, Long–sleeved shirts, long trousers not jeans, gardening gloves, Sunscreen, Sunglasses and a hat/ cap, Rain jacket for it rains all the time around Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park, sweater.