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Listed below are answers to the F.A.Q’s. from travelers that transfer for Safari Adventures in Uganda and Rwanda. We will be glad to answer any others you may have. A list of frequently asked questions.
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Do I require a Travel Visa to visit Uganda

To access Uganda as well as the various resources, Travelers Must have a valid travel Passport as well as a Visa. Your Passport Must have two blank pages with Visas i.e Diplomatic visa (for Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders), Uganda Ordinary/Tourist Visa – US $50, East Africa Tourist Visa – US $100, Transit Visa – US $50, Multiple-Entry Visas for six Months – US $100, Multiple-Entry Visas for twelve Months – US $100, Multiple-Entry Visas for 24 Months – US $150.

Airport Transfers to Uganda

There are Taxis and Shuttles that are hired to transfer you to and from the Entebbe International Airport however, on request you can contact a Tour Operator Agency or Car Hire company to transfer you to and fro the Airport.

Getting to Kampala

Kampala the Capital City of Uganda can be accessed in different ways depending on the taste and preferences of the travelers. Travelers can transfer from their countries with flight to Entebbe International Airport then to the City using private Uber Taxis, Company Fleets as well as Public means.


Kampala City is a very safe City to visit by all kinds of travelers hence all travelers should visit the country to enjoy and experience the Best Safaris. Use valid and authentic Tour Operator Agencies and Transport. Don;t show off Cash and Valuables for these might attract goons that may attack you to take. Ensure not to move alone at night in the Dark as well as travel past Mid Night along lone roads.


Uganda and Kampala has plenty of water obtained from Rivers, Lakes as well as Taps.


Before travelling to Uganda, we recommend travelers to transfer with adequate medical and Travel Insurance to cover them during emergency times when they need help.


Various dialects are used around the Country however, the official language used is English making communication with travelers/ visitors easy something so convenient and appropriate for all on Tour.

What’s the climate like in the Country

Uganda experiences an equatorial climate comprising of both dry and wet seasons through out the year. All travelers should be aware of the Climate Dynamics around the country to know when to travel to do a certain safari adventure and when not to. Due to the rains that fall almost anytime in the country, we advise travelers to carry essential gear like the Rain Jacket to enjoy the Best.

Where will we stay?

Uganda has accommodation facilities around the various towns/ cities and villages to provide a home for all kinds of travelers from all over the globe. These are chosen depending on the tastes and preferences of the travelers whether on budget, mid range and luxurious expenditure. These can be booked directly through emailing and contacting them or book to travel with a valid Tour Operator Agency to help you book your accommodation.

What is the food like?

Uganda is a blessed country with lots of food to feed on, so all travelers from all over the globe should not worry about what they will eat. Restaurants await to serve you delicious dishes according to what you want to eat while on holiday Tour.